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Tackling the Homelessness Crisis

Janice Hahn is leading the implementation of California’s new Care Court in L.A. County, which is helping get unhoused people with severe mental health issues off our streets and into supervised care facilities to receive the treatment they need. As our Supervisor, Janice has created housing solutions across her district quickly and affordable using former motels and vacant government property. She has opened new housing for local veterans in San Pedro, student housing in South Whittier, a new shelter in Long Beach, new permanent supportive housing for seniors experiencing homelessness in Wilmington and housing across her communities for families with children experiencing homelessness.

Improving Emergency Response & Public Safety

As our Supervisor, Janice Hahn teamed up with local firefighters and paramedics to launch California’s first Mobile Stroke Unit to provide South Bay and Southeast L.A. County residents lifesaving emergency medical services needed to survive a stroke. She has invested in local police, firefighters and paramedics to reduce emergency response times and is working to increase the number of Metro police in stations and on trains to make LA Metro safer. That’s why our local first responders — firefighters, paramedics and police — support Janice: because they know she is committed to creating safer neighborhoods, improving emergency response, and getting illegal guns off our streets.


Fighting for Working Families

Janice Hahn is endorsed by local labor unions representing nurses, frontline healthcare workers, firefighters, paramedics, and construction workers because she fights for working families. As our Supervisor, Janice has stood on the picket line with striking workers who are demanding better wages and invested in creating good-paying union jobs. She has fought to protect workers’ rights and strengthen workplace safety rules. Janice will never stop fighting to build an economy that works for working people.

Ending Gun Violence

Janice Hahn is fighting to reduce gun violence and keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals — including those accused of domestic violence. As our Supervisor, Janice has passed laws to stop the sale of .50-caliber bullets, put common sense requirements on existing gun dealers, and keep gun stores away from neighborhood schools, parks, and playgrounds. She has also sponsored gun buyback programs with local police that have taken more than 1,300 guns off our streets and secured funding to expand mental health crisis teams in local schools to prevent at-risk students from committing violent crimes, including school shootings.

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Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Janice Hahn is endorsed by Planned Parenthood because she is 100% pro-choice and is committed to protecting access to safe, legal abortion care. As our Supervisor, Janice has fought to make L.A. County an abortion safe haven and worked to provide more funding to local Planned Parenthood clinics, doctors, and hospitals to ensure all women have access to reproductive health services.

Expanding Affordable Housing

Addressing L.A. County's affordable housing crisis is a top priority for Janice Hahn. As our Supervisor, she has strengthened rent control rules and renters' rights to stop illegal evictions and has provided resources and emergency rental assistance to help low-income individuals, working families, disabled veterans and seniors on fixed incomes stay in their homes. Janice has fought to ensure developers more than double the number of affordable housing units in new building projects.

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