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An economy that works for everyone

The American middle class has been shrinking for generations. Jobs are disappearing and purchasing power is in decline. This is no accident, but a direct result of failed policies that intentionally redistributed wealth from working families to the rich. The system is rigged. We must reverse this trend by:


  • Ending tax cuts and loopholes for the wealthy and use that money to invest in education, training, and infrastructure to strengthen middle-class families.


  • Making paid family and parental leave the law of the land.


  • Raising the Federal minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour.


  • Protecting the right of workers to organize.


  • Expanding and safeguarding Social Security and Medicaid. Primarily - scrap the cap on Social Security earnings.


  • Investing in infrastructure to repair and modernize California's roads, bridges, and transit hubs.  This will also create more good paying, family sustaining jobs.

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