SAN PEDRO, CA—Today, United States Representative Janice Hahn formally announced her candidacy for Los Angeles County Supervisor District 4 in the June 2016 Primary Election by stating...

“My father, beloved County Supervisor Kenny Hahn, always stressed to me the importance of being a champion for the people. He instilled in me the values of courage, integrity, and public service—and most importantly the simple principle of always putting constituents and local neighborhoods first.

With that philosophy in mind, I have decided not to run for re-election to Congress and instead enter the race for Los Angeles County Supervisor District 4.

My father developed a long history of delivering results for the folks he represented.  This is a legacy I have fought hard to continue throughout my career.
The problem is, Washington is broken, it’s increasingly mired in political gridlock, and there’s virtually zero cooperation between the two parties. That’s not the kind of government I grew up with, and it’s precisely why I know I can do more for the Los Angeles region on the Board of Supervisors.”
Rep. Janice Hahn added:
“In 2011, I ran for Congress on a platform of bringing common-sense solutions to our nation’s most complex problems. Since then, I have delivered on that agenda, building bi-partisan coalitions around pragmatic causes. I Co-Founded the bi-partisan PORTS Caucus to raise awareness about the critical importance of our nation’s ports, worked with both parties on the Small Business Committee, and I have reached across the aisle on myriad other policies to find common ground.
Still, with so much brinkmanship in Washington, I am confident that I can get more done for our region back here at home, serving in local government. It’s in my blood and my DNA.
From Whittier to Artesia, Manhattan Beach to Marina del Ray, Long Beach to Hacienda Heights, and from Torrance to Norwalk, San Pedro and more, I am running for Los Angeles County Supervisor to continue the Hahn family legacy of delivering results for local neighborhoods.
As a form of government that’s naturally nonpartisan, I find local government more workable. It’s just easier to build consensus and get things done because there’s no real partisan bickering.
The County is embarking on a new era, one that is full of tremendous opportunity for change, with a new Sheriff, Assessor, and Supervisors.  I want to work with the Board to bring more accountable and transparency to the County by increasing the public’s checks and balances and changing the status quo.
I look forward to the many months ahead and plan to run a rigorous and aggressive district-wide campaign that’s focused on local neighborhood issues, like jobs, economic development, the Ports, public safety, and making the County more inclusive to every community.
I plan to fulfill the rest of my term in the House of Representatives by prioritizing the job I was recently elected to, serving the constituents in the 44th district, and advancing sensible bi-partisan policies like my freight bill in Congress over the next two years.”